The Gifts Offered In The World To Promote Vaccination

The coronavirus vaccination landscape has changed dramatically. In a few months, it has gone from shortage to having more than enough doses. This has meant that in many places vaccines cannot be administered because there are no volunteers. For this reason, in many parts of the world incentives ranging from beers to prawns or even the drawing of a million dollars a week are being offered .

This latest initiative has been announced by Republican Mike DeWine, governor of the state of Ohio, in the Midwest of the United States. DeWine has assured that it will raffle a million dollars a week among people who have been vaccinated against covid-19.

The first draw will be held on May 28 and will be repeated for the next four weeks until 5 million have been distributed among five winners. To qualify for the drawing, individuals must be of legal age, Ohio resident, and have received at least the first dose of the vaccine.

DeWine’s initiative to incentivize vaccination is perhaps the most generous and ambitious of those being offered, but in the United States there are many others that are diverse and varied.

In the city of Washington , for example, a beer is offered in exchange for a vaccine, in New York they give away tickets to sporting events, hamburgers with potatoes and even marijuana joints; In Memphis, vehicles are raffled to choose from among various Chevrolet and Nissan models; and in New Orleans almost a pound of prawns for each dose of vaccine.

The Polish case: prizes of up to 223,000 euros and cars
The US initiative is spreading to other areas of the world map. The latest country to announce vaccination incentives has been Poland, where a survey commissioned by the daily Rzeczpospolita and conducted by the Warsaw Institute for Social Research (IBRIS) found that 44% of Poles refuse to be vaccinated.

The Polish government wants to encourage voluntary vaccination against covid-19 with cash prizes of up to 223.00 euros, a raffle of vehicles and rewards for the districts with the highest vaccination rates.

The raffles, which will be managed by the state betting company Totalizator Sportowy, will distribute some 31 million euros in cash, hybrid cars and electric scooters.

On the other hand, in Russia and Serbia, those vaccinated receive vouchers for the purchase of products in supermarkets, while in the Romanian region of Transylvania they offer to receive the dose in Dracula’s castle itself. On the other hand, in the Indian city of Rajkot, jewelers have given away gold nose earrings to immunized people.

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