Sánchez And Biden Will Meet In Brussels On June 14

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez , will have his first meeting with the new President of the United States, Joe Biden . And it will be this next Monday, June 14, within the framework of the NATO summit in Brussels . It will be a first contact, to “meet and talk”, as confirmed by government sources. That is to say, it will not be a mere formal greeting, but they will be able to spend a few minutes.

Until now, Moncloa had not reported any telephone conversation between Sánchez and the US president since taking office (on January 20), a fact that the opposition had harshly criticized and attributed to a loss of international weight. from Spain. In the Executive, however, they had downplayed this lack of dialogue, and claimed that the Democratic leader had focused more on his internal agenda.

The team of the socialist president, however, had pursued that contact with Biden, and this could finally be closed for next Monday in the Belgian capital, as advanced ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ (La Sexta). Both leaders attend the NATO summit. The American leader, in fact, is already on European soil. This Wednesday his Air Force One landed at the British base in Mildenhall.

Biden arrives in Europe with his focus fixed on China
The Government has established a “direct thread” between Moncloa and the White House. Specifically, between the heads of Cabinet of both presidents, Iván Redondo and Ronald Klain . These last two, in fact, spoke this past Monday, June 7.

The news came out this Thursday while Sánchez is immersed in his Latin American mini-tour. This Wednesday the official program started in Buenos Aires and at night it flew to Costa Rica , where it has a multilateral and bilateral agenda. On Saturday he flies to Madrid and on Monday he will already be in Brussels, at the NATO meeting where he will meet with Biden.

The Executive has been emphasizing that relations with Washington, with the new Administration, are good, and Spain, in fact, intends to host the 2022 NATO summit – it coincides with the 40th anniversary of its entry into the Atlantic Alliance -, but that doubt will not be cleared up until next Monday’s appointment, which will be attended by the leaders of the member countries.

Crisis with Morocco
Moncloa is pleased to have a “direct thread” with Washington, forged between the two Cabinet chiefs: Iván Redondo and Ron Klain

The interview with the North American president will take place at a critical moment for Spain, with the clash with Morocco open on the channel and with no signs of being resolved soon. In fact, hostilities have not abated despite the fact that the Polisario leader, Brahim Ghali, left Spain a week ago after declaring in the National Court and being released without precautionary measures.

Morocco strengthens security on the border with Ceuta with more gendarmes and barbed wire
The US position in this conflict is key. Donald Trump , already leaving the White House, announced on December 10 that he recognized the Moroccanness of Western Sahara. A position that Biden, for now, has not amended. Washington has not wanted to interfere in the Madrid-Rabat crisis , the largest in two decades, calling on the parties to understand each other.

The Sánchez government has tried to resolve the diplomatic clash by acting on several fronts . On the one hand, coordinating with its European partners, to show the Alawite kingdom that it is not alone and that it faces the entire EU. On the other, urging the UN Secretary General to appoint a new special envoy for the Sahara, a vacant position sinceGerman Horst Köhler resigned in May 2019 .

Now, Sánchez will have the opportunity to present Spain’s theses directly to the US president, but Morocco is also a key piece for Washington, to maintain the stability of the area, and in fact Trump’s gesture was reciprocated by Rabat with the establishment diplomatic relations with Israel.

The military maneuvers increase the war tension between Rabat and the Polisario
In addition, Sánchez and the US president share a multilateral perspective on international relations. “We value very much that Biden has reassured the planet , in a constructive way,” Carmen Calvo , the first vice president, pointed out this Thursday in an interview on ‘Las things clear’ (TVE) . Biden, in a speech that will go down in history, said that the economy must support democracy.

I think it is very good that he is in Europe and can meet the president of Spain “next Monday. The American president will participate in the summits of the G-7 in Cornwall (United Kingdom) and of NATO and the EU-United States —the latter two in Brussels— and will hold several bilateral meetings. One of them, with the Russian Vladimir Putin in Geneva (Switzerland), next Wednesday.

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