State School Council Proposes Mark1199 That CCAA Promote Industrial Care In Women

The State School Council (CEE) considers that the future FP Law should contemplate that the autonomous communities promote Professional Training (FP) for care in men, as well as education related to the industrial sector in women. State School Council Proposes Mark1199 That CCAA Promote Industrial Care In Women.

This is stated in the Report of the Presentation that this advisory body – in which the educational community is represented – prepared on June 30, which includes its modifications to the preliminary draft of the Organic Law of Organization and Integration of Vocational Training, approved in first reading by the Council of Ministers on June 15.

This Report will be put to a vote this Thursday at the meeting that will be held by the Plenary of the State School Council , in which the Minister of Education and FP, Pilar Alegría, will be present to present the preliminary draft of the Law. In addition to the Report, the 562 amendments that in their day were not approved by the Plenary of the EEC and, therefore, were not included in the Report.

Said document, to which Europa Press has had access, contains editorial changes, technical changes and various modifications related to the promotion of gender equality. State School Council Proposes Mark1199 That CCAA Promote Industrial Care In Women.

Specifically, the Report includes the incorporation of a new point in section 1 of article 73 , in which it is requested that the autonomous communities promote vocational training for men and the industrial sector for women.

“The educational administrations will promote men’s access to cycles related to personal care, community services and all those with a majority female composition at present. At the same time, they will promote female students’ access to the cycles training that lead to jobs in the industrial sector and, in general, those stereotypically considered male jobs “, the Report collects.

To achieve this, the State School Council proposes the development of “awareness campaigns”, as well as the establishment of “economic and / or educational incentives that help the objective”. State School Council Proposes Mark1199 That CCAA Promote Industrial Care In Women.

Along the same lines, the Report includes the inclusion of a new point in section 2 of article 102, on the “duties of promotion and organization” of public administrations in matters of innovation, applied research and entrepreneurship. The wording proposed by the CEE is that public administrations “will promote non-stereotyped professional qualification choices based on sex.”

Inclusive language
The Report also reviews the wording of generic masculine terms. This is the case of section 2 of article 15, which refers to “citizens”. Thus, the School Council replaces it by “citizenship” or by “citizens”.

And he urges “to review the entire text of the legal document incorporating inclusive language”, and for this he gives the example of another of the articles of the normative draft, such as article 17.2.

Self-criticism and financing
On the other hand, the State School Council collects in its Presentation Report that “it is missing”, in the preamble of the draft, a “certain self-criticism of the VET policies in the field of educational administrations”.

“If 20 years after the publication of Law 5/02, and the corresponding adaptation of vocational training in the LOE, the qualification of the active population continues to show a gap at intermediate levels, it should be noted the insufficient investment in the offer of cycles of average degree and in the modular offer of adults, exclusive competence of said administrations “, criticizes.

In this sense, the Council proposes that the First Additional Provision of the text includes the financial “commitment” of the educational administrations with VET through a “Law of Financing of vocational training”.

“Commitment to a significant increase in the financing of vocational training, included in the corresponding Law of Financing of vocational training, which allows meeting all the objectives of this law and allows the improvement of human and material resources for training professional, fundamentally public “, collects the Report.

Other proposals
Another of the proposals made in the Report of the State School Council is the modification of the minimum percentage of work placements in dual vocational training. State School Council Proposes Mark1199 That CCAA Promote Industrial Care In Women.

The preliminary draft of the Law establishes that “the dual phase will have a minimum duration of 25% of the totality of the training and must be carried out within a company or an entity or body, public or private, belonging to the productive sector or services that serve as a reference to training. ” The School Council proposes that instead of 25%, this percentage be 20%.

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