Italy Exceeds Three Million Covid Cases

Italy has exceeded three million coronavirus infections this Friday during the entire pandemic, while experiencing a high rebound in cases , with more than 24,000 in the last day, so several regions are expected to increase their restrictions.

In the last 24 hours, 24,036 new infections have been confirmed, according to the latest bulletin from the Ministry of the Interior, more than a thousand more than yesterday, which shows that the curve continues to rise, as the health authorities have been warning. Thus, the total infections in Italy since the health emergency began, in February 2020, are already 3,023,129.

The number of tests carried out was also higher: compared to the 339,635 tests -among which those of antigens were included- of the previous day, this Friday 378,463 tests were carried out.

The daily death toll drops from 339 on Thursday to 297 on the last day, which in turn brings the total number of deaths from the coronavirus in Italy to 99,271 people.

Hospital pressure
In line with the upturn in infections, the pressure increases in Italian hospitals, since of the 456,470 current positives, 22,899 remain hospitalized, 267 sick more than the day before. Of these, 2,525 (+50) are in intensive care units.

On the other hand, the vaccination campaign continues to advance at a rate of more than 150,000 doses per day and this Friday exceeded five million doses administered, specifically 5,019,869. People immunized with two doses are 1,562,291.

The Italian Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, welcomed the news on social networks: “Today we exceed five million inoculated doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine in Italy. Thanks to the women and men of Public Health who work every day to accelerate the vaccination campaign, “he wrote.

For his part, the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, warned at the weekly press conference on data analysis about the danger of virus variants.

Confinement in Campania
The Government has already decreed this Friday that the Campania region, whose capital is Naples, will enter the confinement known as the “red zone” next Monday, the one with the greatest restrictions, given the increase in cases.

Campania thus joins the Italian regions of Basilicata and Molise (south) in the red category, which forces people to stay at home except out of necessity or to play sports and keeps businesses closed. This represents some 6.5 million Italians in confinement.

The minister also ordered greater limitations in the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia-Julia regions, which, from being considered low to intermediate risk, have moved to the so-called “orange zone”.

The Campano president, Vincenzo De Luca, has been the one who asked the Ministry for this measure because, as he warned on social networks, “the level of contagion cannot be endured” and requires “exceptional measures.”

Most of the Italian regions, eleven of them – after the change of Veneto and Friuli-Venice-Julia-, will apply a medium level of restrictions in the “orange zone”, more lax than the “red zone”. Only Lazio will remain on mild alert, with its capital in Rome; Calabria, Apulia and Sicila, to the south, and Liguria and the Aosta Valley, in the north.

In addition, there are other areas of smaller extension than the regions, such as the city of Bologna or the province of Modena, in Emilia Romagna (north), which are confined by the advance of the virus.

Domenico Arcuri, the extraordinary commissioner appointed by the previous government to manage the pandemic and who has been dismissed by Draghi.

Draghi appoints a general to fight the pandemic in Italy
“The issue of variants is worrying: right now, the English variant is the predominant one on the national scene, but the Brazilian and South African or others that may arise are also worrying. For this reason, it is very important to intervene in a radical way to contain them. We must be extremely sensitive, “he declared.

It may interest you
Regarding the restrictive measures, which could be toughened in the coming days, travel between regions is prohibited in Italy until March 27 and the classification by colors according to epidemic risk is maintained.

Thus, half of the twenty Italian regions are in the orange category, the intermediate level with severe limitations; the other half, in the yellow category, with less restrictions; only two are confined to red -Basilicata and Molise (south) – and the island of Sardinia is the only territory in white level, with hardly any limitations.

But this situation will change soon, when the ministry will have to review the situation in the regions to decide whether to expand or reduce restrictions. In this scenario in which the virus spreads, it is already known that the Campania region, with its capital in Naples (south), will begin confinement in the “red zone”, while Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto (north) will pass at the intermediate level of risk, the orange

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