Declared Of Regional Interest The Expansion Of Dinópolis With 24 Million Investment

The Governing Council of Aragon has approved this Wednesday the declaration of regional interest for the expansion of the leisure and science park dedicated to the world of dinosaurs, Dinópolis, an action that has been planned in three stages, financed by the Investment Fund of Teruel (FITE), each with a budget of eight million euros.

The president of Dinópolis, vice president of the Government of Aragon and Minister of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development, Arturo Aliaga, explained in the press conference after the Governing Council that this declaration will allow the administrative deadlines to be cut in half.

In this way, it will be possible to “speed up the execution of the works” contemplated in the master plan, which adds 24 million euros between the three mentioned stages, a measure that is adopted after having had “certain difficulties” with the Teruel City Council ” to process the files of one of the main tourist attractions “in the province, Aliaga said.

The vice president has detailed that the expansion will allow going from a current capacity of 3,200 people to 4,900 and will provide more content to the park, making the need to stay overnight to be able to do the entire route “almost obligatory”.

Specifically, the first phase includes acting in the field of marine fossils and recreating a Jurassic sea, while the other two will focus on fossils related to birds and land fossils, respectively.

The Minister of the Presidency of the Government of Aragon, Mayte Pérez, has indicated that the first phase of the master plan includes works in the museum and the creation of the Jurassic sea, “which was scheduled to be in 2023”, although the Teruel City Council has It took “almost a year to give the urbanization license” and that is why “we have decided to declare it of regional interest to simplify the procedures”.

Strategic project
The final objective is to combine the informative “with attraction and leisure”, Pérez has specified, while Aliaga has remarked that this is a “strategic” project for the Government of Aragon, which generates wealth and employment and, in addition, nurtures the Research by the Fundación Conjunto Paleontológico de Teruel-Dinópolis that benefits from the proceeds obtained from the sale of tickets, which “allows paleontology to advance and provide content to the headquarters and sub-offices” of Dinópolis.

At the beginning of July and as part of this expansion project, the Department of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development, through the Aragonese Development Institute, put out to tender the supply contract for the development of the new thematic route called ‘Jurassic Sea’, including in this enlargement.

The attraction has a tender budget of five million euros and will include several simulators of an underwater journey. Aliaga has reported that this Tuesday the deadline for submitting offers has ended and three companies have opted for the project.

Visitors record
Dinópolis has received 95,018 visitors this summer, distributed between the Teruel headquarters and the other seven in the province, on the 20th anniversary of its creation. Of these, 70,013 have registered at the headquarters of the Teruel capital, which represents the best number of visitors since the summer of 2002.

The Government of Aragon has recalled that each of its sub-offices is a key element in demonstrating the paleontological footprint of its territory and conferring the value of being able to travel through 4,500 million years. In each of them, elements to investigate, preserve and display have come to light.

These are located in Albarracín, with the Mar Nummus; Riodeva, with Titania; Rubielos de Mora, with the Amber Region; Galve, with Legendark; Ariño, with Valcaria; Castellote, with the Stone Forest and Peñarroya de Tastavins, with Inhóspitak.

The counselor has acknowledged that they are “surprised by the good progress” of Dinópolis and has remarked that thanks to the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus it has been achieved that this season is being “spectacular” without there having been “incidents”. During the summer months, 150 people have made up the Dinópolis team of workers.

Full capacity
The Government of Aragon has specified that between the months of June, July and August there have been eleven days in which the headquarters has completed its capacity and has had to close the sale of tickets. There have been many visitors who in this circumstance have decided to wait for the public to leave the park in order to acquire their tickets or even buy them for later days since getting to know Dinópolis has been the reason for their trip.

The recommendation that is made from the park is that the purchase of the tickets be made in advance for a better organization of the visit, through its website ‘’ because current sanitary limitations require a reduction in capacity .

Regarding the origin of visitors, this summer, the Valencian Community has placed first, with 27.80 percent of the total, followed by Aragon, with 20.21 percent, Catalonia, 16.60, Comunidad de Madrid, 9.42, and in fifth place were the Basque Country and Andalusia, with 4.70 percent each.

In fact, for another year, Territorio Dinópolis has had visits from all the Spanish provinces, leading the ranking Valencia, with 15.94 percent, followed by Zaragoza, 12.86 percent, Barcelona, ​​12.08, Madrid, 9.42 and Castellón, 6.25 percent.

Season vouchers
The Executive has pointed out that this year many more season tickets and combined tickets have also been sold to see all the headquarters of Territorio Dinópolis, which this summer have received more than 25,000 visitors.

Likewise, the promotional agreements signed with other theme parks in Spain and the discounts in Dinópolis restaurant and shop areas have been highly valued by those who purchase the park’s season voucher.

In addition, thanks to the new commercial policy launched last year, whereby for only a supplement of two euros when acquiring the ticket for Dinópolis Teruel you can visit all the venues, it has made it possible for many visitors to decide to buy. this type of entry.

The little ones are given the Little Visits, a notebook that, through its 48 pages, invites boys and girls to overcome challenges in all venues with which to learn more about paleontology through tests, hieroglyphs and games. Once passed, the final prize is a ticket to visit Dinópolis next season.

The Government of Aragon has remarked that more than 3.2 million people have already visited the Dinópolis Territory since its opening. In the case of the Teruel headquarters, the average annual figure is about 150,000 people, almost five times the population of the city, which makes it the main tourist attraction. Almost 90 percent of those surveyed affirm that the main reason for their displacement to Teruel has been to visit Dinópolis, which is why it is considered a Destination Park.

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