Microsoft Removes Thousands Of Hotmail Accounts

Microsoft removes thousands of Hotmail accounts: so you can know if yours is affected. The technology company has been preparing this new activity policy for two years.

This past Monday, August 30 , Microsoft has taken a step forward in one of the measures that it had been working on for the longest time. Due to the new activity policy , the technology company has eliminated thousands of Hotmail accounts that are now integrated into the Outlook service . A process that is already being noticed these days, but that does have a series of conditions.

After two years of study and leaving time for all its users, Microsoft has pressed the destruction button these days. Specifically, of all those clients whose account had been inactive for a long period of time.

A way to end the multitude of accounts on your servers that sometimes generate errors due to the space they occupy , and in the long run do not respond to any recurring activity. That is, take time abandoned by its users generating only size in the company’s cloud.

Microsoft fires all those who have not touched their account in two years or meet a series of special requirements with the company
To do this, Microsoft has set the starting date of August 30, 2019 , as well as the end of this mentioned August 30, 2021. Two years completely in which if no activity has been registered, there will no longer be a working account that exist.

Even so, the technology company has put a series of conditions by which although the account has not been entered in these two years, it is still kept open:

  • Xbox Live users . Although the account itself has not been entered, it acts as a membership bridge between the company and the user, so it is not deleted.
  • Creators of applications in the Microsoft Store . Nor are those emails that respond to an application or game uploaded to this platform, since doing so could eliminate said app.
  • Debtors with Microsoft . Those users with accounts pending to pay with Microsoft continue to have their account active, so that the company guarantees that there is a means by which the outstanding account can be settled.

Three types of users who will join those who have registered activity in these two years to save themselves from the Microsoft purge. The farewell to thousands of accounts as an object of the company’s new policy, to free up space on its servers and register better behavior with its most loyal customers.

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