Rocío Flores Denounces The Creators Of ‘Save Me’ For “Invasion Of Her Privacy”

While on the one hand, the part of Rocío Carrasco (in which I also include the production company La Fábrica de la Tele ) opts for silence as an answer , on the other hand, the part of Antonio David Flores, makes use of his usual collaborators to spread the news, rumors or alleged false information that is convenient for them in order to remove the focus from where it should be: Rocío Carrasco assures that she is a battered woman victim of the most scandalous vicarious violence that we have ever seen reflected on television before.

Yesterday we could see this exclusive. That, be careful! It is exclusive because the people from Save me have not been interested in telling it before, of course. Like the Gloria Camila lawsuit .

Apparently, Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid, the owners of La Fábrica de la Tele, will have to go to court on October 21 to testify for the criminal lawsuit that Rocío Flores filed against them for making public the sentence in which It was reflected that Flores had been “the perpetrator responsible for a crime of habitual mistreatment, a crime of mistreatment, a continuous lack of threats and a continuous lack of insults ” towards Rocío Carrasco , her mother.

As at that time, Rocío Flores was a minor , and the law says that the convictions of minors must be recorded in a criminal record under the protection of the court that tries them and that, in order to protect minors, They should not be made public … Rocío Flores has sued them for “invasion of her personal and family privacy . “

And I say … But that sentence was not published before them Vanitatis ? Why do they want to distract us by using their like-minded journalists? What is truly important is that, according to her own account, and as justice has proven, Rocío Carrasco was mistreated.

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