The Day Marta Calvo Will NOT Turn 27

At 10.05 am today, Marta Calvo Burón would be 27 years old. But he will not be able to do it because a year, four months and two days ago he died assassinated by his alleged executioner, Jorge Ignacio PJ, in prison while the case against him for that homicide, those of Arliene Vargas and Lady Marcela Ramos and the attacks is being investigated. twelve more women.

And a year, four months and two days after that November 7, 2019, Marta’s mother, Marisol Burón, will have to celebrate it in privacy because health restrictions will not allow her this time to launch the public act of tribute that they ask for the body and the soul.

“It is a painful day, more painful than the others, if that is possible. It’s not that I still miss her, it’s that I miss her more every day. They say that time heals everything, but I don’t see that moment. I don’t think it will ever come.

«Since that day I do not live, I survive. If I am still standing it is because of the strength that she gives me and because of the love that I continue to give her every day ». And because of the desire to find her, because almost a year and a half after her murder, she still has not recovered her body; without having a place to have her, mourn her and honor her.

It is very hard to go to bed every day without knowing where it is. Cold and rainy days are the worst. I think: ‘Me here, warm in my house, and my daughter, out there … Where is she, my God?’

Do not despair. He trusts «fully in the Civil Guard, because I know that they continue working, that there is not a day that they have not done everything to be able to give it back to me. I know this because I have been promised. I am clear that I will appear, will appear », sentence.

Marisol confesses that craves time to see sitting on the bench and sentenced to Jorge Ignacio PJ “I am looking forward to the trial to see your face again look into his eyes and say, ‘Look me in the face again and again tell me like that day in Manuel that you don’t know Marta. Tell me again!’.

But I’m not in a hurry. None. I don’t want it. I want the Civil Guard and the rest of the security forces to take all the time necessary so that nothing escapes and we can get them sentenced to a reviewable permanent prison. I already know that I cannot aspire to life imprisonment, but unless I turn 20 years without deducting a single day.

He remembers with pain, but also with a strange and infinite joy the last birthday with Marta. It was when he turned 25. In February 2019. «I had never prepared a surprise party for him, and that year I had the idea of ​​doing it.

He was so happy when he got home thinking we were going to eat there and he found the song ‘Happy Birthday’ and everyone here singing it … He started to cry with emotion », recalls Marisol with tenderness. “Sometimes I think it was like that because without knowing it, that was going to be the last …”

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