Foment And Pimec Claim That Non Essential Trade Can Open Weekend

Foment and Pimec claim that non-essential trade can open the weekend.

The two Catalan employers’ associations point out that the weekend closure makes non-essential business activity “not viable”.

The timid return to activity in the commercial sector in recent weeks is insufficient. This is what the employers of the sector of the distribution of non-essential products think. The employers Foment and Pimec formally demanded this Friday to the Government that non-essential commerce can open on the weekend.

Specifically, both employers asked the Procicatthat the next opening measures include that non-essential trade can open on the weekend from March 15, since, they say, “this closure is a serious prejudice for trade.”

The merchants demand that “at a minimum, in those areas where commercial opening is viable, it is necessary to allow it. Especially in those towns on the coast or inland that essentially depend on the consumption made by visitors.”

In a statement this Friday, the two Catalan employers have indicated that the closure at the weekend causes non-essential business activity to be “not viable” and they have recalled that they do not receive any compensation for this closure.

In addition, they have pointed out that the regional closure also seriously affects “the commerce of many territories”, which shows the comparative offense between regions more and less populated and dependent on tourism.

They have also asked for the current surface restrictions to be eliminated, which force the available commercial space to be limited to 400 square meters. Commerce “has adopted all the measures proposed by the Procicat” although they have led to a notable increase in expenses with the supply of hydroalcoholic gels to customers or the disinfection of merchandise, they pointed out.

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