Arrimadas Has Joined His Destiny To Sánchez And Iglesias

The PP does not hide its anger with what happened this Wednesday in Murcia and in the Community of Madrid. And Teodoro García Egea attested to it. “Today is a sad day, Citizens, with the PSOE and with Podemos, have united against a common enemy, the PP.”

For the general secretary of PP, Ciudadanos has decided to “blow up the governments of freedom” and believes that it is a “tremendously irresponsible decision in the midst of the pandemic.” And he vindicated the role of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Madrid.

A very angry number two of the PP charged against Cs and the “recently lit left front” because he is going to bet on policies “that have made millions of Spaniards suffer.” This “attack on the PP” has been “darkly concocted by leaders of the PSOE, Podemos and Cs . ”

In the words of García Egea, the “motion of censure” is the only way that Sánchez’s PSOE has to “separate the PP.” And he was once again very critical of oranges: “Today Inés Arrimadas has joined her destiny to that of Sánchez and Iglesias.”

Has Ayuso done well in calling elections after Murcia’s motion of censure?
Do not.
I do not know.

He saw a positive part. “All the cards are on the table: this is about socialism or freedom, sanchismo or prosperity, or chaos or the Popular Party.” And he sent a message “to the militants of Ciudadanos”, to whom he “opens the door” of the PP to “build an alternative to the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias . ”

The appeal is “to all those who have felt disappointed” by the Arrimadas movement. Teodoro García Egea declared: “We need to build a project for the future that will cast Sánchez and Iglesias at the polls.”

The objective of the PP now is only one: “Unite the center right to win Pedro Sánchez.” What García Egea did not want to clarify was whether there have been conversations between the popular leadership and Inés Arrimadas in the last hours, but he did repeat that the movement of Cs is “arbitrary” and “dark” and reiterated the offer to the militants of the formation they may be “disappointed”.

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