Break With Pp And Murcia Rekindles Doubts About The Party Drift

Citizens cannot find internal stability. The day is frantic and doubts about their identity grow in the orange formation. “Anyone who knows me can imagine what I think of the decision my party has taken in Murcia and the consequences that this entails.

Like a large part of the executive, I was not aware of this decision. I have requested an urgent call to transfer my opinion”. This message from Toni Cantó, spokesperson for Cs in the Valencian Community, serves to show the two souls that continue to exist in the party and that have already been palpable since Rivera’s time.

“We have been trying for months that the PP of the Region of Murcia comply with the agreement to combat corruption and the scandal of irregular vaccinations. It has been impossible. We will open a new stage of regeneration led by the policies of Citizens “, Inés Arrimadas has published that On the other hand, it has not made an open statement about what happened in the Community of Madrid.

In any case, Cs has not recovered since the electoral debacle of 10-N, which was joined weeks ago by another bad result on 14-F in Catalonia.

The party maintains two souls, which were evidenced in the primaries to replace Rivera: Inés Arrimadas, close to the previous leader and hegemonic in Catalonia, faced Francisco Igea, in favor of the formation having more transversality. Despite these blocks, Cs has maintained the regional pacts that it signed with the PP , following the line set by Rivera … until now.

Lorena Roldán’s message after the Citizens’ turn: “Time has proved me right”
Inés Arrimadas, since her arrival to the presidency of Cs, has always had to navigate between the pacts with the popular and at the same time support the Government, with conditions, during the pandemic. For example, the party voted in favor of the extensions of the state of alarm while Casado was unmarked.

Moreover, Cs negotiated the General State Budget with the PSOE almost to the end . In the case of Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa was at all times a supporter of an Executive with Salvador Illa against the independence movement.

The turn of the new leadership caused the resignation of old relevant figures in Rivera’s time such as Marcos de Quinto or Juan Carlos Girauta , in addition to the criticisms of Toni Cantó himself, completely removed from the positions of the PSOE-Podemos government. Faced with this, voices more oriented to the center such as Edmundo Bal, who is a deputy spokesperson in Congress, have gained weight in the leadership.

The budgets of the Community of Madrid for 2021 are closer. If since December it has been announced that it was a matter of weeks of weeks before the draft budget was known, the one chosen to take a step further has been this, the last one in January.

PP and Cs, the formations that have governed the region since the summer of 2019, have announced this Monday that they have reached an agreement in principle on the accounts and would be in a position to start negotiating with Vox, their investment partners.

Díaz Ayuso dismisses Aguado and the rest of the Citizens councilors
But the bad electoral results weigh. In the Basque Country, Arrimadas closed a pact with Casado to go to the elections together, and the conclusion was negative.

In Catalonia the formula was not repeated and that appointment with the polls served for the orange formation to lose another relevant woman: Lorena Roldán , who had been a spokesperson in the Parliament and the Senate, signed for the PP. After what happened in Murcia and Madrid, he assured that he had not been wrong.

This drift of Ciudadanos also coincides with an idea that is more liked in Genoa than in Alcalá: the PP wants to join forces and merge with Cs, but Arrimadas has always ruled out this option that, on the other hand, other charges or former officials of the match. At the moment, the Citizens’ movements go against these approaches. The break with the PP, in fact, seems total and irreversible.

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