2.3 million workers and producing 90% Catalan GDP

According to the organizers’ calculations, more than 400,000 companies were represented in the unitary act, employing more than 2.3 million workers and producing 90% Catalan GDP. Personalities such as Javier Faus , president of the Cercle d’Economia; Jordi Gual , Chairman of CaixaBank, and Wayne Griffiths.

Chairman of Seat. As well as the CEO of Prensa Ibérica, Aitor Moll , José Creuheras , president of the Planeta group; Jaume Guardiola , CEO of Banc Sabadell; Marc Puig , president of the Grup Puig; Enrique Lacalle , president of the Automobile BCN;Juan José Bruguera , president of Colonial real estate; among many others.

The speeches delivered this Thursday from the arena installed in Estació del Nord have distilled a feeling of saturation, after almost a year of pandemic. “We are exhausted”, acknowledged the president of Barcelona Oberta, Gabriel Jané . Although also due to the cycle of instability in which Catalonia has been immersed, with five elections in the last ten years and a delay (or lack) of budgets that has lost the tinge of exceptional.

Without mentioning it, the word “decadence” has flown over the parliaments of the attendees, once representatives of the main engine of the Spanish economy. Until 2012, when Madrid gave a ‘surprise’ that Catalonia has not been in a position to reverse in recent years. In that sense, the newly elected president of Pimec, Antoni Cañete , has asked the political forces not only to quickly form the Government, but also to be “strong”, to govern and be able to raise and sustain budgets with “sensitivity economic and business “. “The situation requires it,” he insisted.

The manifesto read by 15 representatives of the business world has been full of nuances, as many as different realities were sitting this Thursday in the Estació del Nord compound. One of the reflections that has been emerging is that the way out of the COVID crisis must be considered without detriment to the country’s social cohesion.

“We need governments that defend the productive economy, employment and the welfare state with the highest levels of democracy”, has defended, among others, the president of Turisme Barcelona, Eduard Torres .

This Thursday Eurostat has updated the unemployment data at European level, reflecting an unemployment rate of the 39.9% among adults under 25 in Spain; the highest in the entire European Union. A historical deficit that they have proposed to solve for the rulers and in which companies will inevitably have to be more involved.

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