Kira Miró’s Says Image and appearances can be deceiving

Beautiful, chameleonic and daring. This is how the brothers Kira Miró and Ciro Miró are , who are also joined by acting, a sense of humor, “being grateful” and a love of fashion. In fact, the reason for this interview with the recently crowned winner of ‘El Desafío’ (she will tell us about this) and the sensible ‘Alfredo’ from the fiction ‘Hierro’ (the character that Ciro plays) is a beautiful photo shoot signed by the stylist

José Herrera who extracts different facets from them: from the most sensual and explosive, to the most sober or sophisticated. All of them are present in the lives of both, where we have found many similarities but also differences. We put them to the test.

We spoke with Kira Miró (and see here the responses to Ciro Miró’s interview ).

Does the habit make the monk?
The image and appearances can be deceiving, do not prejudge. Sometimes you scratch a little and, underneath, there is a treasure.

What does your ‘habit’ say about you?
My clothes are quite simple, very little ostentatious. I use plain, neutral colors … Less is more, I take it to the letter. The pandemic has changed me in that now I wear more loose jeans, culottes , because they are more comfortable and before it was more of skinny type jeans. I have not yet cheered up with the tracksuit, although I love it.

You are imposing in the session with the stylist José Herrera. Which of all the Kiras that we see in the photos is more you?
I loved the shoot because in all the photos I can be me at one point. Although for life I am more than jeans and a T-shirt, I like to play to be different characters when I have an event or something special, as an actress.

José Herrera has managed to bring out all that: the most explosive Kira, the most sophisticated, the most elegant… I like to be chameleon when I take photos. Everything that I don’t play in everyday life, I play in sessions.

You share ‘shooting’ with your brother, Ciro. Who shows more than the other?
In that we are on par. He undoes himself for me and I for him. [And who gives more advice?] Neither of us is to give advice, we are more to accompany. Whatever the other person does, they are supported and accompanied.

A lake. Who of the two would jump into the water and who would put away the clothes?
I think we would both jump into the water. We are playful, we love adventure. And we are from the sea and we would not give up a bath.

Your brother says of you that he is more crazy head and you, the disciplined and applied, always outstanding.
When we were little, he was more of a mess and I was studying. She was super responsible, very orderly. I would train basketball and then come home and do my homework for the day and even for the following week, I didn’t leave everything to the last minute.

But we are both daring. And Ciro, later, when he was older, he studied four languages, he is self-taught, he paints … while, perhaps, I have been relaxing a bit.

Although not in ‘El Desafío’ …
In ‘El Desafío’ I have given myself a lot to each challenge. I usually take things very seriously and I have also taken this very seriously, I have worked hard to make it go well. And I have had my prize.

You have been the winner!
It has been incredible. The experience has been wonderfully long-suffering, very rewarding suffering. I have come to realize that we set ourselves barriers.

Your mind tells you that you will not be able to meet those challenges and based on small (great) efforts, many of them you achieve. It is very satisfying to see how the suffering of working hard has its reward and in my case I have achieved practically all the challenges that a priori I thought I would not achieve.

Thanks to ‘El Desafío’, you have become queen of ‘trending topics’. Who is not on TV does not exist?
It seems that the world of theater [now Kira is representing the play ‘Escape Room’ at the Fígaro Theater in Madrid] does not count for much and it is a shame. You spend years filling theaters and if you don’t appear on TV, people ask you what you’ve been doing that long.

It is also true that television is a large window and a loudspeaker. I do ‘The Challenge’ and 3.5 million people see us and for 3.5 million people to see me in the theater, I have to do many performances.

What do you and your brother share by genetics?
The sense of humor. My brother is a clown, the joy of the house. My father also had a great sense of humor, and my grandparents. Despite having gone through very dramatic moments, at home there has always been a fit of laughter and a joke. We have a sense of humor in our blood.

You have talked about barriers. Have you ever had to overcome being a woman, now that # 8M is fresh ?
So many. Especially when I was younger. If you have a physique like mine, you are not taken so seriously, it seems that what you say does not count the same as what a man in a suit and jacket says. Being a blonde and a woman doesn’t have that much credibility. And I am not wearing a suit and jacket, nor am I a man, but I may have a background behind and certain criteria in what areas.

Kiko Veneno said that if he had been born handsome, he would have had another personality. What if Kira had been born with a different physique?
Perhaps he would not have had certain traumas or upsets.

Does having a good physique have any trade-offs?
It can be a good cover letter for some things and bad for others. For according to which characters, it can be a handicap, as I have been told. Sometimes it can arouse envy. Without a doubt, Kira Miró would be otherwise and with another story.

The Ferozes expressed their fear for the future of movie theaters . What future do you see for them?
I see a complicated future, partly because of the platforms. With the restrictions and the pandemic, it is difficult for people to leave home and if you already have everything a la carte in your living room … For my part, I keep the romantic side of the cinema.

Going to the movies is like having a date with someone. I hope that we recover from all this pandemic, and the cinema too, and that films can continue to be shown in theaters. It has nothing to do with seeing them at home.

So are rigs more of a drag than a lifeline?
They may be a lifesaver ballast.

As a spectator, what do you see?
I love movies and series based on real events because they allow me to see great actors, I learn from history at the same time and I empathize a lot. I just finished ‘The Crown’ , with wonderful performances , and I have loved the movies ‘The Dig’ and ‘The Island of Roses’. Now, too, in the wake of ‘The Crown’, I’ve been hooked on all the Lady Di documentaries.

To achieve equality between men and women in the profession, what would it take? More fees?
I do not like extremes: neither deny nor ignore but neither give preferences for the simple fact of being a woman. It is true that when it comes to telling stories we continue to tell them for men and they are made by men, although less and less. It would have to be balanced but I don’t know how.

After your victory in ‘El Desafío’, any project?
I am at the Teatro Fígaro, in Madrid, with the play ‘Escape Room’, which is a comedy with Antonio Molero, Marina San José and Leo Rivera. And we will continue until the pandemic allows us. At least until April. Then we will go on tour.

Kira Miró -actress and brand-new winner of ‘El Desafío’- shares a fashion session with her brother, also the actor Ciro Miró, in a waste of style, beauty and good harmony. The actress has also spoken with Woman about fashion, genes, physique … while her brother (Alfredo in the fiction ‘Hierro’) has confessed what are the differences and similarities between one and the other .

José Herrera is the architect of his styles, which are seen by brands such as Roberto Diz, Sportmax, Karl Lagerfeld, Momoni, Luis Onofre, JI JIL, MVP Wardrobe or Dsquared2.

The photographer Charly Calderón together with Gabo Boza (photography assistant), Rebeca T-Figueroa from X Artist Management (makeup and hairdressing), Carlos Fernández (retouching) and Carlos Quirce (styling assistant) complete the team that has made this production possible. in the Cayena Study.

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