The Tactical Keys Of PSG Barça

The tactical keys of PSG-Barça: missing goal again. Koeman changed the tactical scheme to surprise PSG and got Barça to overwhelm. The technician claimed to tighten from the start and maximum effectiveness and only the first condition was met. The difference was in the penalties: Mbappé took advantage of Lenglet’s gift and Messi shot Navas’ body.

1.- A system for the occasion
Special day, special clothes. With a different outfit, Barça appeared to look for the chimerical comeback. The surprise factor was essential and Koeman prepared a special, unprecedented system. Starting with the three defenders, something essential due to the obligation to score four goals, there were six midfielders at various levels, with Dembélé only at the top, with Messi and Griezmann further behind.

The Barça did not want to load the forward so that the defense of the PSG was not very sunk. What he loaded were countless balls for Dembélé to search for Marquinhos’ back. Mosquito missed his aim to open the scoring early. How he failed Messi on the penalty in added time in the first half. Between Navas and the post they thwarted the great occasion, just as it had happened to Dest.

2.- Mingueza, only with Mbappé
He may not be ready for big games, the leaked report from Ramon Planes said, but Mingueza played bareback, without a net, against Mbappé. They were three defenders for two forwards but Mingueza and Mbappé danced together.

And so close, that the striker ripped a yellow from him in the 25th minute and wanted to force another in the 27th. Koeman saw the danger and relieved Mingueza for Junior before the break. Keylor Navas celebrates the penalty stopped Messi.

3.- 20 shots, 1 goal
20 shots on goal (10 well targeted), 8 corners, 2 posts, and 1 goal. He ran fast and the offensive flow required to score four goals was abundant, the minimum to come back, but the success was minimal, clearly insufficient.

Koeman asked for effectiveness, and missed even a penalty. The pressure exerted its effect, overwhelming PSG (67% possession) and playing in the local half of the field. The essential was missing: hit.

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