Ayuso Assures That He Had The Support Of Casado In Madrid

The call for early elections in Madrid caught many by surprise. However, according to Isabel Díaz Ayuso , Pablo Casado was not one of them. The president of the Community of Madrid has explained that she had a conversation on Tuesday night with the leader of the PP in which they agreed to dissolve the autonomous Assembly due to rumors of a motion of censure in Murcia against the popular president, Fernando López Miras , to avoid a similar initiative in Madrid.

“Given that this was the case, I fortunately did have his support [Casado’s] and his confidence to take this step, which is very hard and it is very difficult because in the end the most important thing is to get to power and I already have it. I am already what I would not have or dreamed of, “Diaz Ayuso stressed this Thursday in an interview on esRadio.

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, and his secretary general, Teodoro García Egea, in the national board of directors on August 20.
Multiple hit to Casado, implosion on the right

A few minutes later, in Onda Cero, the president of Madrid indicated that she was speaking with Casado “the night before” and that, analyzing the circumstances in Murcia, they decided to dissolve the Assembly and call elections .

“If I do nothing and that happens, I would have handed Madrid over to disastrous policies that the Community does not need,” he declared. In addition, he has said that “sooner or later” the PSOE and Cs would have allied and presented a motion of censure. “It was a book that was going to happen to me, ” he assured after mentioning the problems of understanding with his former vice president, Ignacio Aguado.

No new additions
However, it remains to be seen that the dissolution of the Assembly, published tonight in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCM) will be valid after the Regional Chamber Board accepted, last Wednesday, the motions to be processed censorship presented by PSOE and Más Madrid .

In this regard, Ayuso has stated that he does not expect “at all” that these two initiatives will prosper. “I am well documented. I have a good legal team. If what I have done was not correct, that would mean that no president, here or abroad, could dissolve some chambers and call elections,” he said in an interview with COPE.

The President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid during the meeting she held with the directors of the winning shorts of the last edition of the Goya awards, in the image Díaz Ayuso holds a Goya.

The left slows the electoral advance of Ayuso
” What is legal and correct is mine, ” he insisted after accusing PSOE and Ciudadanos of “going against the law by giving the green light” to those two motions. Thus, the Madrilenian leader has already put herself in electoral campaign mode and has made it clear that after the elections she wants to ” govern alone ” and that she is going for the “absolute” majority.

Until then, as he explained, he will not make new appointments to replace the advisers of Citizens that he ceased last Wednesday.

The fight with the oranges
The conservative leader has also retaliated with her former Cs partners. As he has revealed, he lived ” unspeakable situations ” with Aguado. In an interview on esRadio, the PP leader stated that she had to put up with how her partner in the autonomous government ” sided with La Moncloa from behind” at the meetings of the Covid-19 Group or opposed, against their criteria, to keep shops and hotels open before Christmas.

Ayuso, the iron lady of the PP
“I would have liked to finish the legislature and I have been giving in to one side and another, holding on,” Díaz Ayuso continued in Onda Cero before highlighting that with Cs he had ” good and bad times . ”

Although, as he has said, the bad ones have prevailed from the moment in which they rescued “people who were leaving the PP”, referring to the former president of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Garrido . Even so, he has highlighted the good treatment he has maintained with some of the leaders of Cs. Specifically, he praised the attitude of the former Minister of Tourism, Marta Rivera de la Cruz.

Moment later, Aguado has defended himself in Onda Cero, pointing out that it is the PP that “has broken the agreement” of the legislature that they had when they dismissed him and the rest of the councilors of Cs. “What are you playing at? Do you want to be the Sun Queen?” Asked the former Madrid vice president in reference to Díaz Ayuso.

Next, he has dropped that the leader of the PP may already have a pact with Vox to govern. In addition, he has criticized the “irresponsibility” of trying to call an election, which “involves paralyzing a community in the middle of a pandemic.”

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