Mataro Has 3 Million Of The Remainder Of 2020 To Invest

Mataró has 3 million euros of the remainder of 2020 to invest in the city.They will be used for economic and social reconstruction, actions in neighborhoods and priority programs. It is the part of the surplus cash available once a fund has been reserved to “guarantee payments and for unforeseen needs”.

The mayor of Mataró (Maresme), David Bote, the Councilor for Administration and Good Government, Juan Carlos Jerez , and the second deputy mayor, Sergi Morales , explained this Thursday, March 25, at a press conference that the settlement of the 2020 budget.

It was closed with an adjusted budget result of 8,997,301.65 euros, which is the difference between all the settled income and all the expenses incurred. The City Council thus closes with a surplus for the seventh consecutive year .

The remaining treasury was 7 million euros, but, once the commitments contracted have been retained and a solvency fund has been reserved and to face possible unforeseen events, there is a surplus available of just over 3 million .

The distribution of these 3 million euros will be specified in a modification of the 2021 budget that is expected to lead to initial approval in the month of May, but the municipal government already plans how they will be distributed at a general level.

Thus, one million is expected to expand the economic and social reconstruction fund , in addition to the 3.2 already incorporated into the 2021 budget; one million will go to ” performances to bring the city up to date , linked to the neighborhoods”; and the last million will be to reinforce some of the priority programs of the Mandate Plan.

The result
As they explain from the same City Council, these figures of the remainder come, to a large extent, from the non-execution of a good part of the budgeted expenses as a result of the covid-19 crisis . Also from the arrival of unforeseen income at the end of the year, specifically: 3.8 million euros, mainly from a higher-than-expected settlement of the Participation in State Revenue , and from the collection of 1.2 million in grants from the Generalitat and the Provincial Council to finance municipal nurseries.

“These higher revenues from other administrations have partially offset the decrease in own revenues (-4.5 million) with respect to the lower collection of municipal taxes and fees,” they point out from the council.

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