In USA 150 Million Injected Doses And Eligible Adults

In the United States, the vaccination process against Covid-19 continues to flow and accelerate . This Tuesday the president, Joe Biden, announced that the day before 150 million injected doses were reached . Likewise, it has advanced from May 1 to April 19 the target date for all adults in the country to be eligible to receive immunization .

There is an element of political strategy in Biden’s announcement, that when he arrived at the White House he set goals widely considered too modest and has been able in his short term in office to raise expectations and project an image of success. But that success is also real and the vaccination campaign is working.

With data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Biden has reported that on average they are injecting three million daily doses , triple the number when he arrived in the Oval Office, and on days like last Saturday, four million were injected. . More than 62 million Americans are now fully vaccinated , having received either two doses of Pfizer or Moderna sera or the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine.

Biden has also highlighted two more data. More than 75% of those over 65 are already vaccinated , a percentage that was 8% when he took office, and the president recalled that this is the sector of the population that has suffered the highest mortality from the coronavirus, representing almost the 80% of the nearly 555,000 deaths in the US.

In addition, and with the goal of reopening schools as another of his priorities, Biden has highlighted that 80% of teachers and school workers have already received at least one dose .

Progress and alert
The president has spoken of ” incredible progress” but has not wanted to avoid the “bad news”, warning about the spread of new variants of the virus. “Cases are increasing, hospitalizations are no longer falling, deaths have dropped a lot since January but have risen in some places,” he recalled.

According to analysis of data from ‘The New York Times’, the US is registering 64,000 new cases every day, an increase of 20% compared to two weeks ago. And the newspaper highlights that although the figure is well below the 250,000 infections that were registered daily in January, it is similar to figures from last summer, when premature reopening began in some states.

It is in this context that Biden has asked Americans ” time ” and to maintain protective measures such as frequent hand washing, maintaining a safe distance, wearing a mask according to the recommendations of the CDC and getting vaccinated. “Too many people believe that we are already at the goal. We are not at the goal ” , he said. “We have a lot of work to do. We are in a race to life or death with this virus ”.

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