Catalonia should work when nightlife reopens

If hairs were important. they would be inside the head, not outside. This phrase, from my dear and remembered Eduardo Galeano , is timely today. The burning that has befallen the television networks because Pablo Iglesias has cut his ponytail has been significant.

Where I have seen more excitement has been in ‘Todo es lie’ (‘TEM’, Cuatro) by Risto Mejide . They came to the conclusion that the removal of her hair bow was not done by a vulgar amateur, but was done by a fine professional.

They speculated if it could be the work of that Pataphysical and entertaining hairdresser, a regular contestant in the ‘ratomaquias’ of Tele 5, the Valencian Juan Miguel, Karina’s ex-husband.

Ah! Everything is possible, yes. And then they called in an accredited stylist to thoroughly analyze the matter. He said: “Pablo is much more rejuvenated. More current. Now you should also change the way you dress. Away with that plaid shirt! A white T-shirt, designer jeans, Converse sneakers, and that’s it .

So the experts applaud the haircut, but they hope Pablo will undertake a deeper transformation. Television interest in the hair transformation of Pablo Iglesias is not the exclusive heritage of soda journalism that is so widely practiced in Spain today.

In England, Boris Johnson’s hair and dress have been consistently elevated to news. I remember when Johnson was mayor of London, newspapers and television networks sent editors and cameras to follow the evolution of his looks. Thus Johnson secured media attention and his popularity grew.

On a certain occasion, as prime minister, the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ discovered that he had not changed his socks for three days.

Credited columnists chided him a lot, warning him that the prime minister cannot be dirty. The tremendous thing is that they were horrified because he did not change his socks and, instead, they did not say a peep that the socks were stamped with the face of Ashurbanipal , that cruel Assyrian king who entertained himself by murdering the members of his family who did not applaud him .

We do not know if the transformation of Iglesias’ hair will also lead to a change in his ideas. That is what Galeano warned.

The important thing about the head is what is inside, not what is outside. Let’s see if TV is capable of changing hairdressing for X-rays.

Michael Taylor

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