Eight Workers Shot To Death At California Rail Depot

Eight workers shot to death at California rail depot. The perpetrator died during the incident and the motives for the attack are still unknown. More than 7,500 people have died from gunshot wounds in the US so far this year.

New mass shooting in the United States. Eight workers have been shot dead in a railroad depot in the Californian city of San José, located south of San Francisco, as confirmed by local authorities. Although many details of the event are still unknown , police have confirmed that the assailant was an employee of the Valley Transportation Authority, the public transportation system that serves Santa Clara County.

The assailant, a male with an unknown name , was also killed during the incident. “This is a horrible day for our city, we are heartbroken for the families and colleagues of the deceased workers,” said San José Democratic Mayor Sam Liccardo.

The shooting took place around 6.30 a.m. local time, shortly after the work shift of the employees of the public transport company began. Specifically in the depot where maintenance work is carried out on the trains that operate in the city and the Silicon Valley region.

Adjoining buildings
The authorities have not revealed the motives for the crime or the weapons the assailant used before he died. The police are combing the surrounding buildings at this time after receiving information that the gunman may have planted explosive devices in the area . “We are trying to clear all rooms and corners of the building to ensure the safety of the public,” said Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff Russell Davis.

This new tragedy adds to the long list of daily mass shootings that take place in the country. This past weekend alone there were a dozen shootings that left 11 dead and 69 wounded , according to the Gun Violence Archive tally. According to the same source, so far this year 7,500 people have died from gunshot wounds in the United States, a figure that represents an increase of 23% compared to last year.

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