IBV Extend Free Offer for Development of Digital Skills

Mexico is no exception in terms of talent shortage for digital positions. According to the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), 45% of companies in our country affirm that they do not find the necessary skills in candidates. This is because the market evolves so rapidly with technology that new professionals tend to have skills gaps that make it difficult to employ them.

However, this reality contrasts with the young population and those with university studies who do not have a job. The National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENOE) indicates that 30% of the unemployed population is concentrated in the lowest age level, between 15 and 24 years old, and 55% of the current unemployment corresponds to people with high school and University education.

“It’s a paradox,” says Mercedes de la Maza, executive director of the organization Generation Mexico. The specialist considers that the development of digital skills is a way to reduce this shortage of talent reported by companies and for young people to improve their chances of accessing a job, especially in a context such as the pandemic that accelerated the digitization of business.

The nonprofit organization has a free Full Stack Java development program for young people ages 18-29 to specialize in this area. “We have detected a high demand for these positions,” says Mercedes de la Maza.

The call will be open until November 11 for young people from Mexico City and Guadalajara and registration is online through the Generation Mexico page . The course lasts 12 weeks and applicants must have completed their baccalaureate and availability to connect from Monday to Friday to their live classes, as well as internet connection and computer equipment.

“The promise is that 85% of graduates will be able to get a job in less than 90 days, because the training they receive is to work on frontend and backend projects of any development, an application, a web page, an e- commerce, any connection system. Due to a pandemic, many needs have arisen in this regard and they can work from systems companies that are developing software, even in banking or retail ”, details the executive director of the organization.

This is a recently announced free option to improve youth employability . But Google is not far behind, in alliance with Junior Achievement Americas, it will offer a free program for young people between 18 and 30 years old belonging to vulnerable groups to train them in the use of digital tools, digital marketing knowledge and soft skills.

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